Cinema Concepts

Our Goal

Our goal is to build on Cinema Concepts’ extensive experience as a dependable solution provider to ensure that we deliver unmatched responsiveness, quality, creative excellence and embrace every new challenge of the rapidly changing media landscape.

Our Founder

Stewart Harnell, founder of Cinema Concepts Theatre Service Company, Inc. began his career in 1961 as a booker and salesman at National Screen Service. In 1970 he founded a production and distribution company, Harnell Independent Productions which expanded his experience into independent filmmaking and production. In 1970 Stewart brought together all his talents and experience into an innovative service based company; Cinema Concepts Theatre Service Corporation.

One of Stewartʼs key accomplishments through Cinema Concepts was innovating the style and strategies of preshow cinema communications. Pushing the envelope of early animation and CGI capabilities, Harnell found ways to bring movie magic to theatre owners and advertisers as well as make them realize the potential of the 'Big Screenʼ. Today, Cinema Concepts continues the legacy of effective, affordable and entertaining preshow communications for studios, advertisers and circuit owners around the world.

Our Team

Our team draws on a diverse and extensive set of experiences from film, broadcast, agency and multimedia markets to respond to any challenge with strong creative, strategic and technical solutions. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients realize their objectives through effective, unique, and cost effective communication.

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